Personal Genome Project Study Guide
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Part I: Genetic Material

Part II: Gene Transmission

Part III: Gene Expression

Part IV: Genetic Regulation

Part V: Genetics and Society

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Part II: Gene Transmission
Lesson 5: Meiosis
                 Practice Test
Question 1:
1.A single round of mitosis produces ____ cells and a single round of meiosis produces _____ cells.
  A. 4/4
  B. 2/4
  C. 4/2
  D. 4/8
Question 2:
Which of the following occurs during the first cell division of meiosis but does not occur during mitosis?
  A.The nucleus dissolves.
  B.The DNA replicates.
  C.Pairs of chromosomes exchange DNA.
   D.Flagella appear.
Question 3:
The genetic makeup of any person is such that
  A.23 of  their chromosomes are from             their mother and 23 of their             chromosomes are from their father.
  B.22 of  their chromosomes are from             their mother, 22 of their             chromosomes are from their father,             and their sex chromosome is             randomly contributed.
  C.A random number of chromosomes             are from each parent with a total of             46 chromosomes present in each cell.
  D.The sex chromosomes are from the             father and the autosomes are from             the mother.
Question 4:
Males have an X and a Y chromosome.  They always get their X chromosome from their mother and their Y chromosome from their father.
Question 5:
Females have two X chromosomes and
  A.One is always from their mother and             one is always from their father.
  B.Both X chromosomes are from their             mother.
Random chance determines if one or             both X chromosomes are from their             mother.