Personal Genome Project Study Guide
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Part I: Genetic Material

Part II: Gene Transmission

Part III: Gene Expression

Part IV: Genetic Regulation

Part V: Genetics and Society

Part VI: Project Literacy





Question: Where do I take the actual PGP entrance exam?
Answer: Information about registering for the actual exam is available here.

Question: What is the passing score for the entrance exam?
Answer: As of this writing, the passing score is 100%.

Question: Where can I find more information about the policies and procedures of the PGP?
Answer: More information is available here.

Question: Why do I have to take an exam to participate in the PGP?
Answer: The PGP takes informed consent very seriously and believes that an exam is the best way to ensure that you have the knowledge necessary to understand the benefits and risks associated with participating in the project.

Question: Why is there a study guide by the Alan and Priscilla Oppenheimer Foundation and is it "official?"?
Answer: We wrote this study guide as volunteers during the early days of PGP. Since then PGP has written their own study guide. Be sure to use it too! Our study guide is not "official."

Question: Is there a PDF version of the study guide that I can download?
Answer: Because a few people have asked this question, we have made a rudimentary PDF version available for download here.

Question: I missed a question on a PGP Study Guide practice test, but I think I should have gotten it right. Where can I send feedback regarding the study guide?
Answer: You can send feedback to pgpstudy at oppenheimerfoundation dot org.